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Ensure good amount of water to keep them hydrated on days of high temperatures. During winters you will have to accordingly reduce the water just to ensure moisture.

Generally Vandas require good amount of light but avoid keeping them in full sunlight

Vanda grow in temperature about 18°C. They prefer tropical climate for good growth.
Note: Prolong temperature drop or rise may stunt the growth and buds may fall off.

Maintain high level humidity of 60% - 80%. Keeping a bowl or tray of water under the plant making sure the roots are not in the water can help increase humidity.

Ensure fertilizing with orchid food weekly. During winters, reduce fertilizing to once in two to four weeks. Do not fertilize an orchid that is completely dry as it can cause major damage to the roots.

Vanda does not require any potting media and like their roots to stand free so that they get enough air and pace to grow. They grow well being hung.


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