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Cymbidium It was first described by Olof Swartz in 1799. The name is derived from the Greek word kumbos, meaning 'hole, cavity'. It refers to the form of the base of the lip. Cymbidiums are usually called Boat Orchid because of the shape of the lip. This genus is distributed in tropical and subtropical Asia (such as North-India, China, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Borneo) and North-Australia, usually growing in cooler climates at high elevation.

Cymbidium plants are sympodial and grow to a height of 60 cm. They bloom during the winter, and each plant can have up to fifteen or more flowers. The flowers last about ten weeks. They have a waxy texture. Orchid hobbyists in temperate climates appreciate the fact that they can bloom in winter, when few other orchids are blooming.

It can be grown in cool to intermediate temperatures. Plants prefer dry outs between watering and a well drain mix. Plant can be potted in soil or coarse bark. Plants are usually grown in medium amounts of sunlight. Plants with thick hard leaves should be grown in warm temperatures. 


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