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Water regularly and ensure to drain the pot and roots dry out. Frequent watering during the warmer months and less frequent in the cooler months is advisable.

Ensure good dose of indirect sunlight, preferably the early morning light.

During the winter, night temperatures 15°C-18°C are ideal. Daytime temperatures between 21°C-30°C are suitable. Summer temperatures are generally a few degrees warmer.

Humidity should be between 30% and 60%. Oncidiums require less humidity than other orchids.

Fertilize regularly during active growth. Do not fertilize an orchid that is completely dry as it can cause major damage to the roots.

Repot in free-draining bark-based potting media. Opt to repot only when necessary. Like many orchids, once an oncidium has adjusted to its conditions, it should not be difficult to grow.


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