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Rhynchostylis Orchids Care

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Aka Foxtail orchid plants. They are available in wide range of colors and have a distinctive spicy aroma, released in the evening when temperatures are warm. These plants are considered exotic and extremely rare to grow.

Extreme moist and humid conditions are preferred. Regular watering and mist sprays are needed but with sufficient duration to let them dry.

Ensure good dose of indirect sunlight. They grow well in shady arrangements.

They are warm to hot growing orchids and survive in temperatures above 10°C. They grow well in warmth and moisture. During winter they tend to bloom.

Extreme warm, humid conditions with gentle air movement is most suited.

A typical and balanced orchid fertilizer such as a 20-20-20, diluted and mixed into their water is essential for their growth.

Pot them in hanging pots and ensure the medium is able to very well. They do not need any potting mix for growth.


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